Duck Bigarade or Dirk Bogarde?

If you’ve persisted this far, you may remember that I have an unfortunate addiction to The Archers on Radio 4. I’ve got all the podcasts going back to 2008 and I listen to (and shout at them) when I’m working. The programme has frequently provided inspiration dealing as it does with methods of farm and food production; sustainable and unsustainable.

A phrase has been playing around in my interior monologue.

Jack and Peggy Woolley ( a genuinely unlikeable couple who bobbed up far too often as far as I was concerned) used to share a joke about Duck Bigarade. One evening, when she told him they were having Duck Bigarade for dinner, he said ‘Dirk Bogarde’? Peggy has never known if he genuinely misheard, was making a joke, or really thought that’s what it was called. Ever since then, when they had duck, or he saw duck on the menu, he’d say ‘Dirk Bogarde tonight’. I think we were meant to think this was adorable, but personally, I found it gut wrenchingly obvious and unfunny.

Anyway, Duck Bigarade has been bothering me. So much so that I woke up from a dream of duck bothering oranges and knew I had to make a sculpture about it. And that despite the fact the only time I tried duck I found it vilely greasy and I don’t like meat combined with fruit at any time (well I don’t really like meat at all to be honest).

This is a painting called “The White Duck” by Jean Baptiste Oudry. Now I thought it worthy of inclusion because it was the original cover of

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