Boboli Personality

I’m currently in Florence because I’ve been lucky enough to win a Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross scholarship to study there.

This part of my blog is going to concentrate on things I’ve seen, heard and thought about while I’m here.

So far I seem to have been most taken by graffiti and scaffolding. but I am most gratified to see that traffic cones still figure.

These pix were taken in Pisa, adjacent to the eponymous leaning tower.


I do like a good traffic cone sculpture.

Let’s face it – half my practice is based on them.

Ok. Things I’ve noticed about Italy in the six short days I’ve been here.

They do scaffolding differently.

There are these strange plastic accretions that look like screaming mouths.


Some of them are really quite nasty. This pallid flesh toned creature might have escaped from an ‘Alien’ film.


And some of them wear  a type of bondage


And even the poles are different with their strange zebraesque stripage.