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Pecking Order

I am fascinated by hierarchies and I’ve been using bird imagery to illustrate a set of social layers. The duo of birds at the top are adjutant storks; possibly the largest bird in the world. They stand at seven feet … Continue reading

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Atomic Kittens

My Puss Moth caterpillars are starting to hatch out! They are feisty little creatures armed with tails that are about as long as their bodies which they lash about when approached. It is a defensive mechanism against parasitic ichneumon wasps. … Continue reading

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My American moon moth hatched out, unfortunately the other cocoons remain stubbornly dormant so it is doomed to a life of celibacy.

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Conic Section

The sculpture is built upon a descending hierarchy that winds down a cone in a vicious circle/cycle of consumption and desire. I built it using a police traffic cone. I tried to find one I could legally borrow but to … Continue reading

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