Funeral Baked Meats

They don’t seem to be worrying about the alleged carcinogenic qualities of processed meat in Italy. I have never seen so many hams in one place in my life.


And they are available in nice sweaty little packs for those who can’t be bothered to queue at the deli counter.


If you are too busy to cut it up, they’ll do it for you.


There is a rhythmic pattern in the repeating medallions of cured pork. I like the look of it but I’m one of those people who doesn’t eat much ham or bacon. Not for religious or ethical reasons; I just don’t like the taste or texture.


But it is attractive, I wish I had taken more pictures of it.


This is like some rich pink marble floor in a silent movie star’s bathroom. But I would never eat it – the fat puts me off – and what are those black dots?


So is this cunningly marbled bust at the Pitti Palace  wearing bacon like Lady Gaga?


I prefer the seafood. These squashed prawns were in the Co-Op.



The little octopi reminded me of the Medici Tortoise, I wondered if they had been deliberately arranged that way.


Whereas these have been allowed to sprawl any old how.



I’d like to have taken more pictures of the fish counter but I was told off and had to  move away. So this is the last.


For one night only.


On Fridays they have literally barrows full of ravioli and cappelletti in the supermarket, but never on any other day of the week.



I found them quite disgusting, especially these wrinkly ravioli parcels.

There was simply too much of everything for me.

Trimalchio’s Feast revisited (again)>

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