Daisy in a Jelly Glass

“Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it’s just a daisy in a jelly glass.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


I have been thinking about glass and its bewitching qualities and that has led me to that rather mawkish quote.

Who is this H. Jackson Brown Jr you ask? Not to be confused with the mellifluous toned singer songwriter, Jackson Browne, he is the author of the best selling inspirational Life’s Little Instruction Book. I don’t know where I stand on inspirational books – it seems to me that they’re only one step away from those dreadful laminated posters (usually slightly Christian in their wholesomeness) that you find in school offic


Well I like to look through a glass darkly so I prefer Pete Doherty’s take on glass. As he said to the NME in 2005 – “Broken glass. It’s just like glitter, isn’t it?”

I’m glad he sees the beauty in it. Here are some beautiful things that I saw in the Sant’Ambrogio flea market the other day.




There’s such a vibrancy and brilliance about glass that’s emphasised by its very fragility. I hope to get the chance to work with it one day.





I happily caught this hand reaching out for one of these delicious paperweights.


I hope it was a moment of pleionexia.

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Artist, entomologist, grumbler.
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