79 Perth Road

Every day I walk down the Perth Road and I pass by an old church, Ryehill, which was converted into flats in the 1980’s.


But without its tower, it is not quite the dignified place of worship of its glory days.


Apparently its infrastructure is not quite up to the demands of present day plumbing requirements. One of the soilstacks is badly corroded and a constant stream of ordure is released across the area, pavements and even down the road.


Note the dear little sun dried turd. That photograph was taken in February. Things have got a lot worse since then.


I don’t think the wet summer has helped much.



It’s started to run out of the gate.


Its even coming up out of the grate on the pavement and now it’s making a break for freedom down the Perth Road.


I’m nasty enough to be tickled by the idea of a church sitting on a pile of shite. Perhaps it’s a build up of unrepented sin.

I do like a good plumbing problem.





It had to be done.

Curiously, I was walking down the road again at the beginning of September and I saw they’d finally got the plumbers in.


I hope they’ve fixed it.


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