Quey Calves are Dear Veal


I seem to be thinking about farming a lot recently. It’s probably because I listen to the Archers too much, but it seems to me that there is a real tension between the needs of a hungry world and the growing necessity to farm sustainably. I’ve been working on  a series of drawings and ceramics exploring these ideas.

Quey calves are deal veal is an axiom that expresses the waste of resources to make a quick buck. A ‘quey’ is a heifer – obviously no farmer in his right mind would send a healthy female to the slaughter house because they are too valuable but he might if he needed to raise short term cash.

Incidentally, the tureen pictured here is left over from the remnants of a  dinner service that my mother in law could not throw away.

Apparently neither can I.

About pennimania

Artist, entomologist, grumbler.
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