Shaken and Stirred.


Bond made a mental note that he would like to know more about the peculiar business of Ourobouros Inc.

I had been playing about with the idea of Ouroboros – the tail eating worm that was possibly first described by Plato but was known in the Ancient world as a symbol of both consumption and everlasting life.

But I couldn’t understand why I kept thinking about James Bond.

Then it clicked.

In “Live and Let Die” Bond’s arch enemy, Mr Big, has a cunning plan to hide his ill gotten gains in the mud at the bottom of tanks of bait worms that belonged to a business called Ouroboros Inc.

This tickled me so I read the book again and I have to admit that it is a cracking good read. And Fleming is such a stylist.

Bond must have been the gold standard of consumers with his appetite for branded products; from Cadbury’s Flakes to Aston Martens he enjoyed them all.

And Ian Fleming the past master of product placement.

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