Fisherman’s Friend


When I was about ten years old (and a very precocious reader) I came across “Of Whales and Men.” by R B Robertson, a Scottish surgeon who spent a year as ship’s doctor aboard a whaling factory ship.

I read it because I thought it would be lovely because I liked whales. Obviously it was not – the flensing knives alone would turn a stronger stomach than mine.

But the bit that comes back to haunt me; that I was too innocent to take in at the time – is the relationship between a man too long at sea and a female skate. I’m reasonably sure that this is no marine myth – young friends of mine assure me this is a right of passage among fishermen.


Apparently these days they always warm the fish first.


P1020893The horrid little ankle biter has crawled out of a swamp in Florida or somewhere.


As for the noxious tasting lozenges – I have nothing to say.



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